The Sustainable Development Goals of the

UN 2030 Agenda

Implementing the sustainable use of resources and energy while protecting consumers, workers and the environment.

Source: NBN

Articles on how standards

contribute to 

Sustainable Development

Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals through standardization

IEC eTech

Circular Economy




"Specifically, BRESAER contributes to the fulfillment of SDG 7 Affordable and Non-Pollutant Energy , goals related to increasing the global rate of improvement of energy efficiency and increasing the proportion of renewable energy in the set of energy sources. In addition, BRESAER helps achieve SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities, increasing sustainability and reducing environmental impact.”

-Read more (article in Spanish): here


CEN and CENELEC standards define good practice for Europe, representing the pan-European consensus of broad and representative stakeholder communities. These experts codify their knowledge through an independent, inclusive and transparent system.

The resulting standards, for voluntary use, reflect the current technological state of the art, are future-proofed, and integrate seamlessly with international standards.

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