Standards help achieve policy goals

The Joint Initiative on Standardisation was launched as part of the Single Market Strategy of the European Commission. It represents a commitment to a coherent body of European Standards that, against a background of global challenges, will continue to contribute significantly to the growth of the economy and prosperity of the EU community. The Joint Initiative lists 15 actions that will help to implement the European Commission’s strategic goals for the Single Market. Action 4 aims at enabling national standardisation bodies (NSBs) in close cooperation with the competent public authorities raising awareness for standardization as a tool to support public policy in their member states.

Standards are a tool for better and agile regulation. Where regulation concentrates on essential requirements for product safety, worker’s safety or environmental protection, standards specify the details that enable industry and other stakeholders to meet these requirements. This unburdens the regulator and makes best use of the expertise of thousands of experts in Europe. Standards also offer an instrument for policy areas like international trade, research and innovation, and digitization. 

For more information about Action 4 of the Joint Initiative, please contact action leader: 

Sibylle Gabler (DIN) at sibylle.gabler [at]




Reflecting on the EU elections and current state of the European Commission and European Parliament. 



JIS Action 11

Pilot Project- Increased use of standards in Public Procurement to better implement the public procurement Directives

CEN and CENELEC standards define good practice for Europe, representing the pan-European consensus of broad and representative stakeholder communities. These experts codify their knowledge through an independent, inclusive and transparent system.

The resulting standards, for voluntary use, reflect the current technological state of the art, are future-proofed, and integrate seamlessly with international standards.

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