A competitive European industry 

ready to lead in international trade

Supporting European technological change while promoting European interests in international trade.


Primacy of ISO and IEC standards give Europe global access

CEN and CENELEC's commitment to international trade allow for a quicker alignment with international systems of trade.

72% of CENELEC standards are identical to IEC standards.

33% of CEN standards are

identical to ISO standards 


European Standardization System boosts European competitiveness 

A highly innovation friendly and market-driven.

The single standards model avoids fragmentation in the market. This ensures coherence in the market and the effective use of industry and SMEs’ resources. This is a unique approach and has no equivalent elsewhere in the world.


European standardization addresses evolving market needs

European standards provide a framework that strengthens the Single Market for goods and services.

Through various concepts of partnerships, CEN and CENELEC deliverables offer the flexibility to adapt to the market's needs and the expected speed for delivery of technological solutions. 

Guarantees of Origin related to energy - Guarantees of Origin for Electricity

CEN and CENELEC standards define good practice for Europe, representing the pan-European consensus of broad and representative stakeholder communities. These experts codify their knowledge through an independent, inclusive and transparent system.

The resulting standards, for voluntary use, reflect the current technological state of the art, are future-proofed, and integrate seamlessly with international standards.

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