Standards Build Trust


CEN and CENELEC standards help Europe meet today’s technological and societal challenges as well as those we will face tomorrow. They support Europe’s priorities through improving business performance and creating trust

CEN and CENELEC can help you achieve your policy objectives

A harmonised Single Market

Creating value for Europe while offering a cost-efficient and easier way to show product compliance with Union law.


Trust in new technology

Providing European best practices to lead the digital transformation of society with citizens’ interests in mind.

Enhanced innovation for Europe

Enabling research and scientific results to reach the market.


The Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda

Implementing the sustainable use of resources and energy while protecting consumers, workers and the environment.


News and influences

CEN and CENELEC standards define good practice for Europe, representing the pan-European consensus of broad and representative stakeholder communities. These experts codify their knowledge through an independent, inclusive and transparent system.

The resulting standards, for voluntary use, reflect the current technological state of the art, are future-proofed, and integrate seamlessly with international standards.

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